Thursday, November 14, 2013

Study Abroad Preparations

Study Abroad Preparations!

I am in the middle of the finalization process of preparation for my trip to FRANCE this spring! And it is stressful. My posts in the future will hopefully be much more exciting than this one, but hopefully this is helpful to anyone considering going abroad (and I encourage you to consider!).

This will be my 7th international trip, 5th crossing an ocean, but it is by far the most stressful! I have never been in charge of planning my trips myself, or making sure I have everything I need. I definitely feel like I am an "adult" now.

In a few weeks I will be going to D.C. to apply for my Visa (fingers crossed), and after that hopefully everything else will simply fall into place. Sidenote: If you ever plan on traveling to France for an extended period, start the visa process early- there are many steps and it is very complicated.

In the coming months I will begin receiving more information about my home stay and roommate, as well as the other students in my program, and I will hopefully find out which classes I will be taking (fingers crossed for Wine Studies) so I am definitely looking forward to that!

A Bientôt!

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